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Syracuse's Rob Konrad Writing a Memo About His 16-Hour Swim

Former Syracuse fullback Rob Konrad turned down book deals and movie offers and instead will write a memo based on his terrifying 16 hour swim after falling from a boat off the coast of Florida.

Vincent Laforet/Getty Images

No. 44 Rob Konrad's courageous story of survival has been well-documented. His story is the kind of thing that you'd think only happens in movies. Various producers agree and Konrad told the Miami Herald that he has turned down book offers and a movie deal.

"There were some big name folks involved. But I made the decision I wasn't going to go that route." Konrad said. "It's nothing I want to capitalize on. I don't have the time and desire. I'm running three companies in Florida and one in Chicago."

Instead he has decided to write a memo as a way to best tell his story. Konrad wants to write the memo so his children and grandchildren can someday read his story. When asked about it, Konrad indicated that the story might be more extensive than originally premeditated.

"It's much longer than I anticipated. When it's done, down the road, they can read it."

Whether Konrad will eventually turn his story into a book or a movie remains to be seen, but at the moment, he has other priorities. The former Miami Dolphins player eventually shared his story with the Miami media who then took to Twitter in detail.

It also looks as though Konrad will be the last player to wear the historic No. 44 at Syracuse. For a while, anyway.