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Mark Coyle: 'I'll Be Very Low Key. I Want Others To Get The Credit They Deserve'

The new AD will be pulling the strings behind the scenes, instead of posing for photo ops out front.

I don't think new Syracuse Orange athletic director is trying to be the antithesis to DOCTOR Daryl Gross, but, he's also not not trying, if you know what I mean.

The Mark Coyle Era officially begins today but we've already gotten a bunch of signs that he's going to take a very different route than his predecessor.

Whereas Gross focused on #brand and New York City, Coyle wants to strengthen the core fanbase.

Whereas Gross liked to schedule big, Coyle wants to schedule smart.

Whereas I couldn't tell you what Gross thought about academics, Coyle is making it a priority.

And whereas Gross was always front and center for a good photo op, Coyle plans on pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

"My deal is I'm very behind-the-scenes," Coyle explained. "I will work my tail off for this institution. I've said it too many times and you're probably getting tired of it by now, but I promise you this: Me and my family will give every ounce of energy to showcase our student-athletes and our coaches. I'll be very low key. I want others to get the credit they deserve."

So far, sounds good.