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It's Official: Syracuse Basketball Led Nation In Per-Game Attendance in 2014/15

Syracuse finished No. 1 in per-game attendance and No. 2 in total game attendance.

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

The NCAA released official 2014-2015 basketball attendance numbers today and, no big surprise, the Syracuse Orange can lay claim to the No. 1 per-game average in the nation.

We already knew this back when the season ended but it's still impressive for several reasons. First, Syracuse had their worst season in a long time and did so under the weight of NCAA sanctions and a post-season ban. That Orange fans continued to show up in support despite all of that speaks volumes about the fanbase.

Second, we finished first despite dropping from 26,253 the previous year. Clearly the Carrier Dome provides a lot of wiggle room compared to every other home arena in the nation.

The Kentucky Wildcats led the nation in total home attendance (437,874) while Syracuse came in second place (429,378), followed by the Louisville Cardinals (406,338). Both Kentucky and Louisville had one more home game (19) than Syracuse (18).

Now if only some of those Syracuse fans would stick around for the women's games.