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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #12, K Ryan Norton

Get to know the kickaaaaaaaaa, Ryan Norton.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Ryan Norton

Position: Kicker

Year: Senior

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 179

Hometown: Garden City, N.Y.

High School: Garden City High School

2014 Stats: Norton went 4-for-7 on field goals and didn't miss a PAT, going a perfect 9-for-9 on the season.

2015 Projections: Listed second on the depth chart behind Cole Murphy, Norton should get some appearances at kicker this season.

How'd He Get Here?: Norton chose Syracuse over the likes of Rice and Richmond.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say?: Two stars.

Money Quote:

"My fantasy team might even be worse than the Jets."

Links Of Wonder: Ryan likes the weather in Syracuse.

Twitterfeed: @ryan_norton12

Tweets Of Wonder:

Syracuse welcomes you.

What Does Shafer Think Of Him?: Shafer may have lost faith in Norton at one point.

"I think we'll take a good look at it and try to play the guy that gives us the best opportunity to win. It was nice to see Cole hit that long one and come back in. So we'll cross that bridge when we get closer to game time."

But this is a new season where hopefully Norton can start with a clean slate.

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: His middle name is Fergus.

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: