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Malachi Richardson Talks Early Morning Workouts, Grand Theft Auto & Pole Position Raceway

Matt Park continues his series with the Syracuse freshmen, this time with sharpshooting guard Malachi Richardson.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Rising freshman Malachi Richardson has come to Syracuse from New Jersey where he was the Gatorade Player of the Year in his state. Richardson is a tall guard with a really nice shooting stroke -- he'll figure to give Cooney a blow in spots as the first player off the bench this season.

The voice of the Syracuse Orange, Matt Park, caught up with Richardson, Tyler Lydon and Frank Howard recently to see how their transition to Syracuse is going. Richardson says the pizza is different in Syracuse than New Jersey, but with seemingly 10 pizza places per square mile, there will be no shortage of pizza options to explore in the Salt City.

By far and away the greatest exchange of interview occurs when Matt Park asks about playing Grand Theft Auto,

"Do you ever meet Todd Blumen online?"

To which Richardson declines with a succinct "no." All the while probably thinking "Who the hell is Todd Blumen?" See what Richardson and Park had to say below.