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Syracuse Basketball: Kaleb Joseph Set to Depart with USA East Coast Team

The sophomore point guard will compete against tough international competition in preparation for his antepenultimate year in orange.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend Kaleb Joseph will begin his journey with the USA East Coast team as they begin practicing in New York City. Chinonso Obokoh was previously thought to accompany Joseph on the team, but will have to stay back in Syracuse to finish up some summer academic work. This isn't the first time a Syracuse player has backed out of the foreign trip due to school, either.

On Monday, the team begins its tour as they depart for Paris where the east coast players will face off against all-stars from France's first and second pro division on August 4 and 5. This will give Joseph some vital experience against tough international competition.

Following the games in France, the team will then travel to Italy. They'll do some sightseeing before playing against the Chinese National Team in Treviso, just two hours away from where Brandon Triche -- a former member of the USA East Coast program -- played in Italy in his first year. The game will be closed to the public by the request of the Chinese team.

The USA East Coast roster includes Notre Dame's V.J. Beachum, who will shine for Mike Brey this season, Arkansas' Dusty Hannahs and South Carolina's Marcus Stroman.

The USA East Coast team has had a five year stretch with Syracuse players on its roster including the aforementioned Triche, Rakeem Christmas, Michael Gbinije and Tyler Roberson amongst others.