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Syracuse Basketball: DaJuan Coleman '100 Percent' Back by Fall Says DaJuan Coleman

"I know the fans are waiting for me to get back. I'm ready to give them a show."

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest unknowns headed into the 2015-2016 Syracuse Orange basketball season is whether or not DaJuan Coleman will be back and if he's healed from knee injuries that caused him to miss all of last year. If you take Coleman's word for it, he'll be back and ready to go by the time preseason practice starts this fall.

Coleman, looking very different than he did two years ago, sat down with Donna Ditota to talk about where he's at in his recovery, what it's been like to work through his injury and what we might expect when he does return to action. Some highlights...

On where he's at physically right now:

I think I made a huge jump. I'm fully working out, lifting weights, sometimes doing two-a-days. I'm basically back on track.

On whether or not he'll be ready to go when practice begins.

100 percent, yeah. Ready to go. I'm basing that on what I feel now.

On what's going to be different about his game now.

...back in high school, I wasn't in as great a shape as I'm in now. So that's going to help me a lot. I can play the game a little longer, bang down there a little more and not get as fatigued...The main thing I've been working on with Hop and (manager) Katie (Kolinski) is my post moves. Shooting, mid-range. Probably more go-to moves. Stuff like that.

On the anticipation he feels from SU fans...

I can't wait until I'm on the court either. I know the fans are waiting for me to get back. I'm ready to give them a show.

Check out the full interview here and get cautiously-optomisitic about Coleman's return and what it could mean for SU this season.