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Syracuse Basketball: Tyler Lydon Likes Pepperoni, Popcorn and (sigh...) Chipotle

The voice of the Syracuse Orange caught up with incoming freshman Tyler Lydon, who revealed some of his favorite foods.

Rising Syracuse Orange freshman Tyler Lydon has been on Syracuse's campus since the first summer session, where he's been working out regularly with Ryan Cabiles. Cabiles, the best strength and conditioning coach in the nation, has been helping Lydon prepare for the long college basketball season ahead by getting him into better shape and adding some weight to his frame.

Syracuse is currently in its second summer session where Lydon is undertaking his second course as a Syracuse undergraduate. Laborious on and off the court, Lydon was able to work an A in his first class.

Since arriving on campus, Lydon has played pick up games with former Syracuse Orange players, who have really taken a liking to his game. Lydon, who will don Brandon Triche's old number this season, was able to impress with his length, athleticism and shooting ability. With all of his attributes, it's hard not to see potential in a guy like Lydon.

Matt Park recently caught up with the athletic forward to discuss summer classes, team chemistry and late night snacks. Someone please inform Lydon of the Chipotle Curse...