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TNIAAM 2015 Syracuse Football Uniform Power Rankings

College uniforms are getting out of hand in the eyes of many, but that's not changing the tide of crazy platinum plated shoulder decal trimmings until programs stop making money or stop getting good recruits. Let's look at what SU has to offer in year two of our Nike reboot.

Something tells me "Khaki" isn't a pants color option, but it definitely looks better than the platinum.
Something tells me "Khaki" isn't a pants color option, but it definitely looks better than the platinum.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The mothership published a post yesterday entitled: Why Does Adidas Keep Making College Teams Wear Garbage? I'm making sure this is front and center as this post goes on because no matter what you think of what Syracuse wears now, it could always be much much much worse.

And just in case you're new to the TNIAAM world, hi, I'm the resident "write about random stuff dude" 'round these part. Today I want to talk about the current Syracuse football uniforms.

Here's the backstory: We got new Nike uniforms. We were... not exactly thrilled with them. Especially when we found out there were supposed to be Orange options. Then they apparently were on a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean or something. Now we have them.

With Adidas and Nike about wrapping up their 2015 uniform reveals, I figured it was a good time to see how we (read TNIAAM staff) felt about the current options of the Syracuse Orange. I asked the crew to rank all of the currently worn/visible uniform options (all 11) and list for me any more that they think would look cool. Here are the rankings.

1) Orange-White-White aka the Modified Storm Trooper

Clean, modern look with Orange emphasized. It's a road jersey, but hey, at least we look good when spreading the #OrangeEmpire across the ACC and beyond.

2) Orange-Orange-Blue aka OMG ABOUT TIME

Yeah, these should be the full time home jerseys. Orange wearing Orange feels right and finally looks right.

3) Orange-Blue-Orange aka The Modernized Marrone Era

It's the same combo SU wore at home before the update, but the new shading of Orange really makes this combo stand out. An alternate home jersey combo for sure.

4) White-White-White aka Stormtrooper.

All white usually looks really good when Nike does it and this is no exception. The Orange pops out where accented.

5) Orange-Orange-Orange aka PUMPKIN SPICED NIKE.

Our all orange combos have not looked anything close to palatable in the past, but this combo should definitely change that. We should be trotting these out for every game against Clemson, Virginia and Miami moving forward.

6) White-Blue-Blue aka Getting There...

I really like the white-blue look, but the blue on blue look just mutes everything out.

7) Orange-Blue-White aka Mix n Match

These are...fine. But there's just too much going on and not enough feeling of uniform as much as trying to coordinate for a pick-up game.

8) Orange-Blue-Blue aka Meh

Nothing special, nothing awful besides the lacking of enough orange for my liking.

9) Orange-Platinum-Platinum aka We Almost Beat ND?

Well not really. Kinda like these jerseys. Everyone outside of our fanbase sent fire emojis and we all wanted to stop watching.

10) Blue-Platinum-Platinum aka #BRAND

We knew these were coming and hated them the moment they arrived. It's just not Syracuse.

11) Blue-Blue-Platinum aka Syracuse Winter Sky

Dark, muted with only a few glimmers of orange shining through to remind you that winter is almost over. Or in this case that there were five minutes left in the beatdown Duke football just handed down.

Others receiving votes: White-Orange-White

Of all of the hypothetical combos, this one was a) mentioned the most and b) has the most potential to be gorgeous. I really think the mix matching of tops/bottoms works with Orange-White.

So there's our humble take, but I'm interested to what you think #OrangeNation: Here's the link to the same poll taken by the TNIAAM staff. Fill it out and next week I'll Fanshot the results of the greater TNIAAM family. And as always, say nice things in the comments or send cool mock ups of what you'd like Cuse to be wearing.