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TNIAAM Week-In-Review: Can Someone PLEASE Explain What Syracuse's H-Backs Do?

This is your favorite site, so you don't miss a post. But in case you do, we'll just hand you the links anyway.

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Welcome to TNIAAM Week-In-Review! While we all love hanging out on this humble blog all day, sometimes other things get in the way. Instead of being bitter about those things -- family, work, friends, etc. -- just stop by here on Saturdays (Sundays during football season) to see the most important posts you may have missed.

What's an H-back in the Syracuse offense?: Brian tries to get to the bottom of what this nebulous position has meant for the Orange, and what it's trying to evolve into this fall as Tim Lester's offensive scheme takes hold.

... How you might respond to that post depends on what's guiding your Syracuse football fandom right now. Sean drops some hippie-dippie, Pacific Northwest shit interesting thoughts on the delicate balance of being a fan and how no matter your perspective, you're probably right. Because it's YOUR perspective.

Elsewhere, Terrel Hunt trusts the hell out of Tim Lester. And Lester trusts the hell out of Jake Moreland. So, who do YOU trust the hell out of?

Other ACC Media Days things: Syracuse was picked to finish sixth (not last!) in the Atlantic Division by those in attendance. Voters snubbed eventual Heisman Winner Riley Dixon. We got a new depth chart. But most importantly: Fuck This Shit.

2015 Syracuse Orange Football Previews: Our opponent previews wrap up with two-time #OrangeEagle loser Boston College. We also get around to discussing the wide receiver and tight end (and H-backs...) position groups, and how they may be able to improve under Lester.

Hoops: Esteemed Orange center Rakeem Christmas became the second Syracuse player traded away from Cleveland in the past six months (thanks, LeBron...). The other, in case you forgot, was the #humble and #hungry Dion Waiters.

BOEHEIM'S ARMY (unlike Boeheim's teams, typically) HIT CLUTCH FREE THROWS ON FRIDAY.

'Crootin: This week was a mix of good and bad news. First, 2016 QB commit Rex Culpepper tore his ACL (boooo). Then 2017 outside linebacker/safety Isaiah McDuffie committed (yay). And THEN we found out 2017 commit Daewood Davis appears in the ESPN 300. So... +1 margin's not bad, right?

Speaking of recruiting: could this whole "cost of attendance" stipend the NCAA is letting schools offer now end up hurting Syracuse down the road?

GTKYOM: "Get to know" this week's featured players, including Devante McFarlane (link), Marqez Hodge (link) and Shy Cullen (link), along with several others.


Enjoy your weekend! G'ORANGE!