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SU Football: Waiting For The Buzz

We're just a few weeks from fall camp opening up, but it seems like we're still in the middle of winter when thinking about Syracuse football.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Have I told you about my idea? Okay, maybe it's not technically "my" idea. I may not have been the person who came up with the original thought, but I'm still claiming this baby as my own: Atlantic Coast Conference Alumni Association!

Well??? You love it, right? I can hear you from here: "Matt, you beautiful son of a bitch, you've done it again!"

That's right, we're starting up a NEW minor league basketball league, but with a pretty unique twist.

Let's take a handful of basketball programs from the Atlantic Coast Conference, find some popular alums from each school and put them on teams representing their former colleges. So, for example, we have teams in or near Durham (Duke), Chapel Hill (North Carolina), Raleigh (N.C. State), South Bend (Notre Dame), Louisville and Syracuse. We load them up with popular ex-players, start up a 30-game season hold the playoffs somewhere cool and sit back and watch the money pile up.

The kicker? We're not running this in late fall or in the winter, because competing with the NBA or college basketball (or even getting near football) would be death. No, the ACCAA (working title) runs from early July through mid-August! Think about it: midsummer is the worst time for sports on the national scene. Sure, I love me some baseball (COME WATCH THE WATERTOWN BUCKS, dagnabit!), but nationally, the dog days of summer are tough for the sports lover. People are so desperate they're even debating about awards being handed out at the ESPYS! THE ESPYS!

Who in and around central New York wouldn't head to the SRC at OCC or even the War Memorial to watch an all-star team of former SU players battling a similar group from Duke? I tell you what, I'd be making the hour drive south on a regular basis to take in some ACCAA (working title) basketball.

Yes, this isn't the first time someone has had this notion. In fact, there was a fledgling minor league basketball franchise that tried to do make a go of it with former Orange men, but it folded up shop before it even had its first practice. This thing, though, will be different because every team will be loaded with alums. And I'm also sure all of this sounds a lot like The Basketball Tournament to most of you. The tourney has a few teams in the field battling for a $1 million prize which are mostly alumni of fairly notable schools, the most noteworthy of the noted being Boeheim's Army.

Well, shoot, I'll admit it, my brainchild for this alumni basketball league is mostly ripped right from watching Boeheim's Army play in the TBT. Did you watch that game last Sunday evening? Boeheim's Army went to overtime against something called 20th and Olney and I was glued to my phone watching the live stream. I was glued to my phone watching Boeheim's Army play 20th and Olney while sitting in a cottage along the shoreline of Lake Ontario!

Eric Devendorf? Demetris Nichols? Terrence Roberts? Hakim Warrick? Mookie and Rick and Lawrence Moten coaching???

Yes, please.

If a random basketball game played in a tiny gym can take me away from doing "lake things" because the Guys are playing, then a more recognizable product to the average fan, played in more geographically-fitting locations would surely draw a lot of attenti...

Hold up.

Why the hell am I giving everyone the chance to rip off such a great idea?!

Also, why the hell am I devoting so much time to summertime hoops when the whole point to this post was football? Seriously, look at the photo right up above there, it's Scott Shafer not Poetry in Moten!

It does fit, though. In a weird and sad way.

Although I don't have ANY free time lately, when I have a second to think about anything other than indy baseball, I'm breaking down Boeheim's Army's next opponent. Or I'm trying to capitalize on the ground TBT has made in just a couple of years with a money-making theory.

You know what I'm not thinking about? Syracuse football. I'm not looking forward to the season, at least not in the way I would like to look forward right now. I'm not speculating about which bowl the Orange could end up in. I'm not devouring preseason magazines, trying to get as ready as I can for the end of August. In reality, I am reading everything I can when I can when it comes to football. But there's nothing too in demand to bone up on when it comes to Shafer's crew.

That's not an indictment on the progress or potential progress Shafer has made. It's just the truth of the situation. Right now, when most "Power Five" football fans are counting down the days to fall practices, SU fans are distracting themselves with a tournament they don't really understand and probably hadn't heard of a month or two ago. When the over/under is 4.5 for your team, you start researching the crap out of the Liberty Ballers.

Another three or four win season will make those Doug Marrone Days seem like they were decades ago. It's almost like Donovan McNabb, Donovin Darius, Marvin Harrison, Rob Konrad, Kevin Johnson, Keith Bullock and all of those fun-to-watch stars never even played for Syracuse University.

(Maybe they really played for the University of Syracuse?)

Now, you could argue this isn't the time to bring all of this up. A kind-of-random post on a Friday afternoon (from someone who hasn't wrote in months), one that seems to take a swing at SU football. Yet, isn't this time to start gearing up? The end of July, watching all these talking heads breaking down teams and going cover-to-cover on preseason mags. It's still summer according to the calendar, but it's football season...most places, just not here.

Maybe soon enough, though, with my vision of the ACCAA (working title), this time of year will be the official start to the hoops season. I mean, it's not like there's anything else going on.