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TBT Bracket Challenge: Predicting Boeheim's Army's Road to $1 Million

Now you can predict Boeheim's Army's road to the TBT championship.

Boeheim's Army is going to win The Basketball Tournament. I know this. You know this. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows this.

How they get there and who they play is the real question. It's a question that you can now answer because The Basketball Tournament has unveiled a bracket challenge on their website.

It's a challenge that I have accepted. Of course, I don't know anything about any team other than Boeheim's Army, so I'm going to make my guesses based on the information provided on the website. Let's be honest, that's as good a strategy as any...

Super 17 Games

Matchup 1: PrimeTime Players vs. Dirty South

Deciding Factor: "GM Willie Ivy, a COO of a debt collections agency, brings an experienced squad that will look to make the other teams in the South Region pay up. " Done!

Winner: Dirty South

Matchup 2: Sean Bell All-Stars vs. Overseas Elite

Deciding Factor: SBAS has a guy named Cliff Clinkscales and OE has a guy named Myck Kabongo. This is a very hard choice. Rucker Park guys can ball but overseas guys bring fundamentals with them.

Winner: Overseas Elite

Matchup 3: Sideline Cancer vs. Team City of Gods

Deciding Factor: Sideline Cancer already gave us one of the best chryons in history. Hopefully this one is "Cancer" vs. "Gods" so we know once for all who will win. In the meantime, gotta go with Sideline Cancer. Good cause.

Winner: Sideline Cancer

Matchup 4: Boeheim's Army vs. Liberty Ballers

Deciding Factor: For real?

Winner: Boeheim's Army

Matchup 5: Illinois Hoopville Warriors vs. Armored Athlete

Deciding Factor: I like IHW's story. So I like them.

Winner: Illinois Hoopville Warriors

Matchup 6: Ants Alumni vs. Notre Dame Fighting Alumni

Deciding Factor: The ND squad has a play-in game before this but the defending champs should win that in front of the Chicago crowd. The team features Ben Hansbrough, Tim Abromaitis, and Luke Harangody. I really want them to win cause I really need Boeheim's Army to beat these guys in the end.

Winner: NDFA

Matchup 7: 7outz vs. Team 23

Deciding Factor: "[7outz] GM Bruce Williams has entered a team that plays to win." That's a unique way of playing basketball, you guys.

Winner: 7outz, obviously.

Matchup 8: LA UNFD vs. Team Utah

Deciding Factor: LA UNFD is led by Bobby Brown, but I don't think it's THAT Bobby Brown. Still...

Winner: LA UNFD

Elite 8 Games

Matchup 1: Dirty South vs. Overseas Elite

Deciding Factor: Overseas Elite actually sounds like they live up to their name. Impressive pedigree.

Winner: Overseas Elite

Matchup 2: Sideline Cancer vs. Boeheim's Army

Deciding Factor: "Boeheim's Army Defeats Cancer"

Winner: Boeheim's Army

Matchup 3: Illinois Hoopsville Warriors vs. Notre Dame Fighting Alumni

Deciding Factor: Emotionally, I'm rooting for IHW. For selfish reasons, I want NDFA.

Winner: NDFA

Matchup 4: 7outz vs. LA UNFD

Deciding Factor: It's Los Angeles vs. Las Vegas. I'll take my chances with Los Angeles...

Winner: 7outz

Final Four Games

Matchup 1: Overseas Elite vs. Boeheim's Army

Deciding Factor: When you've got Baye Keita on your roster, it don't get much more overseas elite than that.

Winner: Boeheim's Army

Matchup 2: Notre Dame Fighting Alumni vs. 7outz

Deciding Factor: It pains me but Go Irish!

Winner: NDFA

Championship Game

Matchup: Boeheim's Army vs. Notre Dame Fighting Alumni

Deciding Factor: For so many reasons I cannot even remember fully in this moment, we HAVE TO win this game. HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO. And so we shall.

Winner: Boeheim's Army

Take the bracket challenge and see if you come to the same conclusion.*

*You better f***ing come to the same conclusion