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Demetris Nichols Skipping Wedding to Play for Boeheim's Army in Chicago

Initially it was thought that D-Nic would miss the game(s) this weekend for wedding, but the chance to win $1 million just can't keep him away.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Demetris Nichols took fans for a trip down memory lane in Philadelphia as he showcased his pure jump-shot and reminded everyone of his shot making ability. Nichols scored 52 points in two games while shooting 56 percent from the floor and 50 percent from deep.

Initially, it looked as though Nichols would miss the entire weekend in Chicago, and Boeheim's Army would be without its leading scorer. Prior to The Basketball Tournament, Nichols made plans to attend a former Russian basketball teammate's wedding which will take place on Saturday in New Jersey. The former Syracuse Orange forward flirted with the idea of playing just on Friday, but according to Kevin Belbey, Nichols will be able to compete on Friday and Saturday if the team advances.

Adding to the relief, Rick Jackson will be able to join the team to compete this weekend and the team remains hopeful that Donte Greene will be able to join as well. As both were trying to earn professional basketball contracts last weekend, Boeheim's Army was somewhat limited off the bench.

Jackson provides a solid interior game -- he has good moves in the post, he can defend and is an underrated rebounder. Should Greene make the trip, he would take pressure off other guys to score.

The team will play the Liberty Ballers at 6:45 p.m. EST on Friday. The Friday games will be live streamed again on the TBT website. Should Boeheim's Army make it to Saturday, the game will be aired live on ESPNU and can also be streamed on ESPN3.