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Syracuse Football: Alin Edouard Transfers to New Miss. JUCO, Still Interested in Orange

Forgot all about him, didn't you?

Syracuse Twitter

You all remember the hype around one-time Syracuse QB signee Alin Edouard. He was going to be a program savior when he committed to the Orange for the class of 2014. And then, amidst some academic issues, that dream was dashed (for him and us). Back in January, we found out that he'd be headed to Garden City (KS) Community College to eventually work his way back to SU.

Now, after this piece from's Nate Mink, we learn that he'll be moving on to a different opportunity at Pearl River Community College near Hattiesburg, Miss. But he still has the Orange on his mind. From his Facebook page:

"You know, deep down inside I'm still an Orangeman. That was one of the schools that told me I'll play quarterback for them, and they believed in me, the first school I visited and fell in love with it. Of course I am still hoping to play for Syracuse someday."

Over at Garden City, coaches had quickly looked to convert Edouard to safety -- a position the dual-threat passer did not want to play. He was heading to the Orange as a QB, and that's the way he wants to keep it (hence why he's leaving).


According to Edouard, contact has cooled between him and the SU coaching staff, and as Mink points out, it's unknown whether or not the QB would even fit into a future recruiting class given who's already slated to be on the roster in future years. Mink also spoke to current Orange wide receiver Steve Ishmael, who's still in constant contact with Edouard. He said of his friend:

"He loves Syracuse. He wants to come back. He talks to me all the time like, 'how are you all doing up there? I can't wait to come back up there with ya'll.' His heart is still over here, so I'm not too worried about him wanting to go to another school. I know he wants to be back here."


But what do you think? Are we going to see Edouard in Orange PLATINUM any time soon, or at all? If he can get his academics in order, do we have room? No clear answer at the moment, so figured the group could weigh in...