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Which ACC Teams Represent Which MLB Playoff Contenders?

I like baseball. I like the ACC. There's been no baseball since Tuesday. Sean and John let me write things. This is what happens when all these variables combine.

Otto the Orange throws out the first pitch.
Otto the Orange throws out the first pitch.
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With the baseball season officially resuming today, it got people thinking of what MLB teams are closest to our favorite friends in the ACC. Thanks to Wild Cards and tanking, there are more than enough contenders to match up with everyone in the conference. So we did it. I'm sure you'll have something to say so laugh, get mad, tweet me mean things or more joke (preferably more jokes) and enjoy baseball... or not.

Boston College = Kansas City Royals: You look at each of these rosters and you go: ok, solid teams. You look at the end results and realize that the team will always overachieve, if all breaks the right way. And neither is going away any time soon.

Clemson = Los Angeles Dodgers: They're the big boys on the block, winning every game they should with style and dominance. Then comes the big series against the other big boy... and it's always ending in defeat. Both can't buy their way around this corner, but they're going to try.

Duke = Chicago Cubs: Coach K might be as old as Wrigley and has developed just as loyal of a following. Even more similarly, the football team has found a way to use brains to become a formidable contender much like the Cubs. Now comes the part where we're all really annoyed with that.

Florida State = St. Louis Cardinals: I think I'm just going to leave these here.

Georgia Tech = Pittsburgh Pirates: You've got two smart organizations leading the charge against the old guards loved by pretty much everyone for winning a different way. Unfortunately, they're both still a solid piece (or Pedro Alvarez hot streak) away from going all the way.

Louisville = Washington Nationals: They win, they have larger than life leaders with amazing style and flow, and they wear red. Oh yeah, you either love them or hate those guys.

Miami = Los Angeles Angels: You both have so much damn talent! Heck, one of you has the best freaking baseball player, period! And yet, thanks to mismanagement, they're both going to be capped off at pretty good until things change.

North Carolina = New York Yankees: They're faces of their institutions with trademarked clothing patterns. But time will not be kind as age/sanctions threaten to close their windows of dominance sooner rather than later.

NC State = Baltimore Orioles: They've both seen success and both found ways to remain in the conversation, but at the end of the day, no one is really worried that either team is going to be a true threat this season. A weak division could change all of that...

Notre Dame = Detroit Tigers: Both have histories to fill encyclopedias... but when your last World Championship was won in the 1980's I don't think you can throw enough money at being relevant to stay that way for much longer.

Pitt = Minnesota Twins: Solid teams. Solid play. Nothing fancy to see here, so we tend to forget about these guys until they're contending for a division title.

Syracuse: New York Mets: Really really really good at developing once facet of success. The other side of world? Well let's just say that the only thing more frustrating than watching the Mets at bats is a GERG offense. There is that whole obnoxious Orange and Blue thing too...

Virginia = Tampa Bay Rays: Both teams used smart roster building and development to become an overnight powerhouse. But now both are fighting to prove it's not a fluke but indicative of a trend.

Virginia Tech = San Francisco Giants: They're both always loved by a handful of analysts to make the run, but at the end of the day VT Football and the Giants are usually good/not great. Then the moment you officially count them out they find a way to run the table... and make you look even stupider the next season for picking them to win it all.

Wake Forest = Houston Astros: Could you name three Astros before the season? Nope. Can you name three Wake players now? Again... nope.