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Syracuse Basketball: Moustapha Diagne's Host 'Fully Expects' Him on Campus in Fall

Bet you didn't even know you had to worry about that.

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Early Monday, Syracuse Orange fans were treated to the news that Tyus Battle will play for SU in 2016.

Late Monday, Scout's Ben Sigel updated us the situation with a guy whose supposed to play for SU in 2015 but hasn't made it to campus yet.

Sigel spoke Moustapha Diagne's host father to find out what's going on with the only incoming scholarship freshman who has yet to arrive on campus. According to David Wilder, Diagne is back home in Senegal for the first time since 2012 but "he anticipates a return to New Jersey in early August and fully expects to be on campus shortly thereafter to begin school for the fall semester."

Wilder also mentions that Diagne is back home for the first time since both his father and sister died earlier this year.

There have been some rumblings about Diagne's status as the only member of the Class of 2015 not to make it on campus and, while these facts line up, "fully expects" is never the most affirming description of a recruit's impending arrival. But we will see.

Wilder also confirms that it's no coincidence Diagne wants to wear No. 12 with SU. He's wearing it "out of respect for Baye Moussa Keita."