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#SaveCuseVape: No Smoking on SU Campus, Smoke in the Dome 'Til 2017

Don't smoke if you got'm.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

I can't wait to see what the good people at Im Shmacked have to say about this.

Starting today, smoking is banned across Syracuse University. That includes the entire campus, Syracuse University Hotel and Conference Center, Drumlins and Syracuse Stage. It means no tobacco and no e-cigarettes and don't even think about smoking in a university-owned vehicle.

One place you can still light up is the Carrier Dome, which will continue to have designated areas where you can smoke until 2017. Certainly, they understand that the kind of people willing to subject themselves to Syracuse Orange athletics still need some time to sort out the way they deal with the horrors of their choices.

Given the way most smoking bans have gone down, there will be a small group of people up in arms about it but pretty soon everyone will get over it and move on. Mostly because they're smokers and they don't have the energy.

Something tells me this is going to affect Thug Trevor Cooney most of all.