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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #69, LS Keith Mitsuuchi

Everyone's favorite returning long snapper is back for another go-around!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Keith Mitsuuchi

Position: Long Snapper

Class: Senior

Height: 5-10

Weight: 226

Hometown: Torrance, Calif.

High School: South Torrance High School/Los Angeles Harbor College

2014 Season: Keith didn't get to see the field, playing behind your former favorite long snapper, Sam Rodgers.

2015 Projections: Right now, Keith's not listed as a starter (the starting long snapper role is currently occupied by Matt Keller). The depth chart says either he OR Nathan Hines occupies the primary back-up role.

How'd He Get Here? He was a walk-on JUCO transfer from L.A. Harbor College. I'll ask him the same question I asked my wife, who's also from Southern California yet attended Syracuse: WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE THAT WEATHER BEHIND?!

What Did Recruiting Sites Say? Nothing. Their loss.

Money Quote: Syracuse gets itself some more academic love.

"This is a great academic institution here, and I guess that kind of spurred me. Football, it’s great. But in the end you’re trying to get a degree for later on in life."

Links of Wonder: Keith joined Cam's Cam last October, for those who'd like to give that a watch.

Twitterfeed: @KeithMitsuuchi

Tweet of Wonder: His are blocked, so that's unfortunate.

What Does Shafer Think?: Can't seem to locate that information. Highly unfortunate.

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: Keith was all about the coaching staff, despite the fact that Marrone and most of his guys left as he was about to show up. Surprising, considering no one was really focused on his position area, special teams.

Let's Get A Look Atcha: Here's some highlights from Keith's time at L.A. Harbor...