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Syracuse Football: Scott Shafer Keeping Door Open For QB Transfers

"I think there's going to be ebb and flow with that to see which direction we go."

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football head coach Scott Shafer knows two things.

1. Terrel Hunt is his guy in 2015.

2. Terrel Hunt is gone after 2015.

Next year, Syracuse will throw a bunch of quarterbacks in a blender and see which one doesn't get churned up. AJ Long will be back following a redshirt, Austin Wilson will be back as well, walk-on Zack Mahoney is there and Kenterius WomackEric Dungey show up as well.

There's lots of potential there. But not a lot of promises.

That's why Syracuse has been involved in a bunch of recent QB transfer possibilities. Houston's John O'Korn chose Michigan instead while Penn State's Michael O'Connor chose Canada over Syracuse. Outside of QBs whose name starts with O', there's also UCLA's Asiantii Woulard, who recently hit the free agent market as well.

Whatever the case, Scott Shafer has made it clear he's not closing any doors when it comes to the person under center in 2016.

"A lot of that will be dependent on Kenterius (Womack) and Eric Dungey," Shafer said during an interview on Thursday. "If they're what we hope, I think they both have a lot ability. And then the progress that AJ (Long) and Austin (Wilson) are making. I think there's going to be ebb and flow with that to see which direction we go."

Not that any of those guys needed more reasons to get it together, but, the knowledge that Shafer is keeping a wandering eye in the meantime should do the trick all the same.