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Syracuse Football: Three Orange Players on Athlon's All-ACC Teams

Riley Dixon, Ivan Foy and Ron Thompson represent the Orange. Syracuse is the only ACC school with less than six players listed.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We know by now not to put too much stock in anything Athlon says when it comes to preseason analysis, but, they've put out their Preseason All-ACC Team and we're required to mention how many Syracuse Orange players got their due. Considering they see Syracuse as the worst team in the ACC headed into 2015, it's not a huge surprise to find their four all-conference squads lacking in Orange.

Still, three players did mention to make the cut. All-World punter Riley Dixon is the highest-rated Syracuse player of all, representing us on the Third-Team. Seems a bit low for a Heisman candidate, but, at least he was properly noted as the best SU player there is (and therefore should wear No. 44 if a committee deems such a thing possible).

As for position players, Athlon doesn't think much of our skills position guys and instead focused on our linemen. Offensive tackle Ivan Foy and defensive end Ron Thompson both received Fourth-Team nods. Foy hopes to carry on the recent tradition of That One Syracuse Lineman Who Is Really Good And Parlays That Success Into An NFL Gig while Thompson is looking to make good on the hype that originally brought him to SU as a four-star tight end.

Syracuse far and away had the least number of players across all four All-ACC squads with Pittsburgh and Wake Forest checking in next-lowest at six apiece.

Any Syracuse players you think at least deserved a look at fourth-team? Or do you not care in the least because what does it matter?