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Syracuse Football: Field Will Feature Orange Sidelines Next Year

Syracuse's new football field looks... new.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Sean noted a lack of PLATINUM in the new Syracuse FieldTurf design. As the finishing touches are put on, we're noticing not only that, but even MORE orange for the Orange... which would make sense for any other school.

In's image gallery yesterday, the very bright field displayed a new feature: Orange sidelines! Not the full sidelines, of course, but the university's official color does run from the back of the end zone to the 25-yard line on both sides of the field. Why the 25, I'm sure we'll find out in a press release of some sort. You'd think the 20 would make more sense, along with a #BRAND-ed "Orange Zone" to go with it. You're obviously following along with us when we rewrite those headlines, just for fun...

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... Well, you get the picture.

We'll see if that reasoning behind the new Orange feature ever comes out. As long as it's not some weird Nike-inspired numerology/angle nonsense, we'll probably be fine with whatever purpose (if any) SU presents. In the meantime, hooray for using official school colors!