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Syracuse AD Search: Northern Illinois' Sean Frazier Not Contacted, Not Interested

One of the hottest AD candidates today dismisses talk about taking Syracuse's semi-vacant athletic director job.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Northern Illinois athletic director Sean Frazier is currently one of the hottest names in the collegiate athletic management world. The Long Island native and former Alabama football player has made the Huskies a competent football school with a BCS berth to their history.

And according to him, Syracuse is not on list of future jobs, at this time anyways. Citing his recent arrival to NIU and commitment to the program, Frazier said he's not interested in the Syracuse job and has not been contacted at this time by the independent search firm assisting SU with it's search. Frazier was rumored to be in the mix for the Pitt AD position.

Two schools of thought here:

1) Well duh. If you're under contract as AD at a school, only a PR idiot would say that he's readily looking to jump ship(More on that in a moment. It wouldn't surprise me at all if his name has been thrown around and considered strongly. So take this with a grain of salt.

2) Yeah, I wouldn't necessarily want to be the Syracuse AD right now either, unless some major contingencies were met. I don't want a former athletic director who's used to running the show a very, let's say...different way... hanging around me while he waits to get a PAC-12 job only he thinks he deserves. I wouldn't necessarily want to come in and try to help a football program and department that can't even figure out how to un-retire a number correctly without confusing what little contingent of die hard fans are left and pissing off one of the greatest players who helped build the tradition in the first place.

Syracuse has it's perks. I LOVE the school and student athletes who bring life to the campus in unique ways. But I really don't love the so called "people in charge." So that's why I don't blame Frazier if he really means what he says. I wouldn't want to oversee an asylum run by the inmates either.