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North Carolina's NCAA Notice of Allegations Are Public: Now What?

Looking for some reading material today? How about a lively jaunt through UNC's various violations?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

We've been waiting for this one for awhile -- especially from the cynical Syracuse fan standpoint where we've been waiting for the NCAA violations focus to shift somewhere else. And now, it surely has. Today, the NCAA made public its notice of allegations against North Carolina (download if you'd like here), and there's a whole lot to digest. We won't take you through all of it, though we will grab the important parts.

Chris Carlson has a great quick-hits synopsis over on, so I'd highly recommend heading there as well. But the things you definitely need to know:

  • The notice of allegations covers 18 years of improprieties (a whole lot longer timeframe than Syracuse's investigation).
  • These allegations do not mean the book is closed at all. North Carolina can either agree to the charges or have a hearing in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, which may not go too well based on what we're seeing in the document, but... hey, go for it, Heels.
  • If you were looking for the "lack of institutional control" label for UNC, well, you got it (page 54, for those following along).
  • The two primary conspirators named in the allegations both refused to cooperate in the investigation (something called out in the notice).
  • Of note, Roy Williams gets just one mention in the notice.
  • Women's hoops has been cited the most, along with men's basketball, football, baseball and men's soccer. That doesn't mean men's basketball DOESN'T get hit hard. But just won't get as hard as the women's program.
  • Here are the five allegations against North Carolina. For reference, there were 11 in the initial NOA against SU, though these are certainly a different level of severity:

With how the NCAA works, we're still several months out from a conclusion, but at least things are moving now, and we know what that program will be up against (and sort of how that compares to Syracuse).

I'll save the "you better give them the hammer" rhetoric for later, but well... yeah, NCAA, you better.