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Syracuse Football: LB Colton Moskal to Transfer From Orange Program

It's a position we could afford to lose a guy, but still unfortunate to see a promising player depart.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When we saw the post-spring Syracuse football depth chart, it featured redshirt freshman linebacker Colton Moskal as the backup middle linebacker. Now, the promising young player will transfer out of the Orange program.

Scout's Mike McAllister reported the news this morning, though it is not known where Moskal will look to transfer. The former three-star recruit from Illinois had offers from Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan and Cincinnati, among others in the Midwest before committing to SU in 2014. If he moves closer to home, you'd have to think NIU is a perfect fit -- bonus points because they're not on Syracuse's future schedules. Moskal has also given no indication why he's transferring. He seemed pretty excited to be on campus based on his Twitter feed, and again, moved up the MLB depth chart for 2015, making it more puzzling.


Without Moskal, the Orange probably move senior Hernz Laguerre up one spot at MLB and then back-fill the depth chart as needed with the various linebackers available on the edges. We'll be okay at linebacker without Moskal, number-wise. But definitely not ideal to lose a player like this who appeared to have upside.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Colton. We wish we'd have had a chance to see what you could do here at SU.