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Syracuse Football 2015 Poster Features Orange Uniform For Some Reason

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Hey, it's a No. 44 wearing orange. What a concept!

Headed to the Taste of Syracuse this weekend? If so, pick up one of the brand new 2015 Syracuse Orange football posters...

First things first, nice to see the orange jersey front and center. Still weird that that's considered a special sight, but, such is Syracuse.

The appearance of 44 might make you think the whole 44 issue has been put to bed but the truth is Syracuse has been featuring 44 in their promotional materials this entire time so it's not really anything new.

DOC and Giansante might be gone but the platinum remains. Baby steps, I guess...

You may actually remember this image as the same one SU used to introduce the orange jersey back in March. They did, however, make one update. They actually made sure there are fans in the upper deck behind Mr. 44 this time...