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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Safety Scoop Bradshaw Joining Culpepper Next Week

An additional note from yesterday's big recruiting news.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we heard all about Tampa, Fla. QB Rex Culpepper, how he was visiting Syracuse next Tuesday, and then, that the Orange are his current "no. 1" choice. And now it ends up the three-star passer will not be alone when he heads to the Hill next week. He'll be joined by safety Scoop Bradshaw, a two-star prospect who's teammates and friends with Culpepper at Plant H.S.

Bradshaw currently has offers from other FBS schools like Utah, Indiana, USF and more (including the Orange). As we pointed out while discussing Devon Clarke's impending campus visit, safety has been a problem position for Syracuse of late, and any little bit helps in terms of fixing that area of the field for an otherwise solid defensive unit.

No word if Bradshaw's part of the Jardine-Waiters cousin conglomerate, though we'd guess not... despite the familiar "Scoop" monicker.


Hooray for campus visits, and it's great to see one recruit's interest leading to strong interest from others too. Culepper's a great get on his own, but if he can draw additional interest from prospects like Bradshaw, that's a big plus. Similar to Robert Washington, the primary recruited player is the obvious draw, but plenty more to be gained in other interested players too, as a result of their commitments.

Tuesday should be a big day. Let's see what happens...