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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #72, OT Ivan Foy

Let's take a look at left tackle, Ivan Foy (who we accidentally skipped over last year... oops).

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Ivan Foy

Position: Left Tackle

Class: Redshirt Senior

Height: 6-5

Weight: 276

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

High School: Fort Hamilton

2014 Season: He had some academic-related issues, but after they were resolved, he started six games at right tackle, and then got injured.

2015 Projections: The post-spring depth chart has Ivan as the top left tackle. In previous seasons with the Orange, he has played right tackle.

How'd He Get Here? In 2011, the lightly-recruited Foy was picked up late by Syracuse ahead of Rutgers. He was also high school teammates with Brandon Reddish, which probably made a positive impression on the Orange.

What Did Recruiting Sites Say? Scout gave him three stars, while Rivals, ESPN, and 247 each gave him two.

Money Quote: In an interview with the Post-Standard in March, Foy said, when talking about transitioning to right tackle, "I need to get beat now. I'd rather get beat right now when it's not counting than on the field against Florida State."

Links of Wonder: As he is the first in line to replace Sean Hickey at left tackle this season, he has had to make some adjustments to his approach.

Twitterfeed: @bigpapichulo_72

Tweet of Wonder: I don't want anything that isn't fashionable on my timeline, either, Ivan.

What Does The Coaching Staff Think? After three years of playing right tackle, two of them starting, Shafer and the offensive line coaches have helped Foy transition to the opposite side of QB Terell Hunt. He's in good shape to be starting there this season. In an interview, Shafer said in March, "It's a learning process to some degree, but it's the reality of what we need for our offense to roll.... Sometimes he looks good. Other times, he looks like he's playing as a freshman again."

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: Foy was big into playing baseball for the longest time, but eventually stuck with pursuing football at a higher level.

Let's Get A Look Atcha: Here's the episode of "Cam's Cam" that he did with Rob Trudo this past season:

(Edit) Also, how could we possibly forget THIS gem?