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New Carrier Dome Turf Update: Still No Platinum

The new Carrier Dome turf has all the right colors in all the right places.

While Syracuse Orange fans dream of a center court set-up, the reality is that the Carrier Dome is in the midst of getting a fancy, new FieldTurf. Which is good, too. Syracuse Athletics gave everyone a look at the progress today and everything appears to look color-correct so far...

Man, that orange really pops. Goodness. Otto might need to start wearing sunglasses back there.

They've still got to finish the field, add in the hashmarks & logos as well as make sure Ernie Davis's name is back on the Carrier Dome field. As Kevin Wall mentioned in the TNIAAM staffroom, maybe they can leave off that dumb "Legends" part while they're at it. That always felt unnecessary and dumb.

Who am I kidding, unnecessary and dumb is the 2015 Syracuse Athletics motto.