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A Critical Analysis of This Photo of Floyd Little & Mark Coyle at The Varsity

Floyd Little and new Syracuse AD Mark Coyle shared some slices at The Varsity yesterday. We need to analyze it.


1. Do you think they were going to sit at a different booth but then Floyd Little was, like, "No, let's sit here"?

2. Cheese slices? Fine. Could have gone bolder IMO.

3. Mug root beers for two? That's a choice I can get behind.

4. Floyd looks really disappointed about his slice. Really wanted mushrooms, probably.

5. Or maybe it's red pepper flakes. And he doesn't want to be a jerk and cut off the conversation so he can run up and get the flake jar but he also doesn't want his slice to get cold.

6. Is Mark Coyle smuggling contraband under the table? Probably.

7. Young Floyd: "Tell'm about 44." Old Floyd: "I will, shut up."

8. You know how classy Floyd Little is? He puts a napkin under his Mug root beer so it doesn't sweat on the table. Nevermind that that table has seen God knows how many liquids, sauces and whatever else over the years.

9. Maybe Floyd wanted cream soda. That's why he's upset.

10. DOC Gross is sitting in the booth behind Floyd in a trench coat and glasses with a fake mustache attached, isn't he?