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Syracuse Basketball: Mike Hopkins Formally Named Jim Boeheim's Designated Replacement

Never a dull moment for Syracuse athletics!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Coyle was introduced as the next Syracuse athletic director on Monday. And it appears he/SU/Chancellor Syverud won't waste any time with the biggest concern on every Orange fans' mind. As's Pete Thamel reported not too long ago:

Well, wow. I guess we won't be wasting any time...


The move -- again, both expected but anxiously awaited by the SU faithful -- is a bold one that allows the new administration to hit the ground running and set the tone for Coyle's tenure. He hasn't officially started his rein as athletic director yet (that doesn't start until July 6), but for all intents and purposes, but this certainly removes the elephant in the room and allows him to get to work on the athletic department's other pressing matters.

Since Thamel's tweet, Syracuse has also issued a press release, providing a bit more background on the decision:

"For more than 25 years, Mike Hopkins has demonstrated the true meaning of Orange pride and loyalty," said Syverud. "He has contributed so much to the success of the Syracuse basketball program. I know Mike is ready to lead the program into the future and carry forward the success that has occurred under Coach Boeheim."

Hopkins will officially succeed current SU head coach and legend Jim Boeheim at the conclusion of the 2017-18 season (if we believe he stays the full three years of his stated timeline).

"I'm honored, humbled and grateful for this special opportunity," said Hopkins. "Very few people are afforded the privilege to coach at their alma mater. I want to thank Chancellor Syverud, the Board of Trustees and Jim Boeheim for entrusting me with this great program. Coach Boeheim has created one of the most preeminent college basketball programs in the country, one that is committed to a standard of excellence and consistency."


Exciting times for Syracuse, and as evidenced by both this release and Coyle's announcement, Chancellor Syverud is going to be heavily involved in every athletic decision from now on -- with or without Coyle. So far, so good for both gentlemen, who will be leading the Orange into an interesting next few years, post-realignment, NCAA sanctions and now, post-Boeheim too.