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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Discussing New Syracuse Athletic Director Mark Coyle

John and Dan dive into everything they liked about the Mark Coyle hire, plus some football, and of course, beer.

Nate Shron/Getty Images

Syracuse has a new athletic director! The search -- which actually wasn't too long, to be honest -- was officially called off on Friday night, when the Orange (or rather, Chancellor Syverud) selected Mark Coyle, formerly of Boise State, to fill the role. Hooray!

In this episode, John Cassillo chats with Dan Lyons to talk all things Coyle-related, bats some football information around, and of course, talk beer. Some of the larger talking points:

  • Sharing a lot of positive thoughts about SU's future under Mark Coyle
  • The Orange lost another defensive tackle? We. Are. Screwed.
  • Fact: SU's never missed a Final Four in a season they played a Montana school
  • Speaking of Montana schools, they're both probably called the Grizzlies
  • Football scheduling! Now more optimistic than ever!
  • So when are we extending Mike Hopkins? Soon, right?
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

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Plan accordingly: This podcast just under an hour long. We discuss Syracuse's new athletic director at length, talk this week's other SU news, and of course, talk beer.

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