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Syracuse Interim AD Pete Sala Named V.P. & Chief Campus Facilities Officer

Pete Sala sticks around with SU, gets a fancy new title and whole slew of new responsibilities as well.

Nate Shron/Getty Images

We've known pretty much since he took over as Syracuse interim AD that Pete Sala wasn't going to try and lose the interim title while keeping the AD part. He was on the committee to choose the new AD, which eliminated him from contention anyway.

So now that we have an athletic director, what's an interim AD to do? Become Vice President and Chief Campus Facilities Officer, that's what.

Sala will serve as the University’s vice president and chief campus facilities officer. In this new and expanded role, Sala will continue to oversee all operations at the Carrier Dome. He will now also oversee several departments on campus, including Campus Planning, Design and Construction; Business and Facilities Maintenance Services; Physical Plant; Housing and Food Services Maintenance; and Energy Systems & Sustainability Management. Sala will report to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Louis Marcoccia. The appointment is to be confirmed by the University’s Board of Trustees at its next meeting.

Sounds like Sala will have a big hand in whatever happens next with the Carrier Dome, which is a good thing. Sala's a good guy for Coyle to keep in-house as he begins his transition into the job. He's been with SU since 1982 when started as a production assistant and worked his way up.

Technically, he's still the interim AD until July 6, so if he was planning any raves on the Carrier Dome roof, it's probably gonna happen soon.