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Syracuse Football: DT Wayne Williams No Longer Part of Orange, Will Transfer

So, about that defensive line depth...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

File this late report under "not good at all." As Scout posted about an hour ago, Syracuse Orange defensive tackle Wayne Williams is no longer part of the football team and will seek a transfer. This was later confirmed by SU Athletics' Sue Edson.

First thought: SHIIIIIIIT.

For those who forgot, the Orange were already looking pretty lean on the defensive line, with a ton of inexperience to plug in to replace an accomplished, outgoing class. Now that Williams is gone... there's even LESS experience to call upon at the defensive tackle and nose tackle spots, respectively. A quick look at the depth chart shows that Kayton Samuels, John Raymon, Rony-Andre Charles and Chris Slayton are the only players left at both positions. Only one of those players (Raymon) has ever taken a college snap.

I repeat: SHIIIIIT.

Now, of course, there are some reinforcements coming via the 2015 recruiting class (arriving next month). Steven Clark and Tyler Cross are now very likely to play immediately, even if just in relief roles to help keep fresh bodies out there. It's not ideal, but well... neither is the situation that creates the need for them to suit up as true freshmen.


No word on where Williams will transfer to for his final year of eligibility. As a reminder, fellow defensive tackle Ryan Sloan also left the program this offseason, heading to Stony Brook.

This is not the end of the world, of course. And if any coach can weather through this situation, it's Tim Daoust, who will have this group as aggressive as ever, despite personnel. Along with the tackles mentioned, Scout also notes that Ron Thompson, originally slotted in at defensive end, could split time between there and tackle (where he often played last season). Regardless, things just got more "interesting" this fall for an SU squad already at a critical point in coach Scott Shafer's tenure.