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Get To Know Your Orange Man: TE #80 Tyler Provo

Today, let's take a look at redshirt sophomore tight end Tyler Provo and what he'll bring to the 2015 squad.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Tyler Provo

Position: Tight End

Year: Redshirt Sophomore

Height: 6-2

Weight: 223

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla.

High School: American Heritage School

2014 Stats: Played in six games.

2015 Projections: According to the post-spring depth chart, Tyler is third behind juniors Josh Parris and Cameron MacPherson . Newly promoted offensive coordinator Tim Lester is projected to incorporated more plays involving tight ends into the playbook this year, so we'll see where Tyler ends up as the season progresses.

How'd He Get Here? Tyler is the younger brother of Syracuse's career leader for receptions by a tight end, Nick Provo. Not only does he have family legacy, but he turned down offers from Pitt and BC. Oregon and Alabama had also shown interest.

What Did Recruiting Sites Say? Scout, ESPN, and Rivals all had Tyler at three stars. Rivals also named him as one of the top five tight ends in his class.

Money Quote: Tyler's father said, when describing his son, "He's more of a guy you throw the quick bubble (screen) to, and he's going to pick up the first down. He's going to get you the five or six yards you need." Ah, bubble screens...

Links of Wonder: Tyler has a fancy recruiting profile with all of his highlights that you can find here.

Twitterfeed: He has a twitter account @ProvoTyler (yay!), but it's private (boo!).

Tweet of Wonder: Here's a segment he did for OrangeFizz a couple of years ago.

What Does the Coaching Staff Think? Tyler was second on the depth chart for several games last year, behind Parris. As an incoming freshman, Shafer had said that he was happy to have another Provo on the team. Shafer and family legacy are basically synonymous.

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: Tyler was actually recruited to play H-back or fullback in addition to tight end. Can you say triple-threat?!

Let's Get a Look Atchya: Here are some video highlights from his high school days from his fancy site: