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Get to Know Your New AD: Q&A With Boise State Blog, One Bronco Nation Under God

You probably want to know more about Mark Coyle. We asked a member of his last school's fan base to share his thoughts...

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You know this already, but Syracuse has a new athletic director, Mark Coyle, who used to serve the same post at Boise State. Since we wanted to get more perspective on what Broncos fans thought about their now-former AD, we figured... why not just ask one?

Below is a quick Q&A with Drew Roberts from SB Nation's Boise State blog, One Bronco Nation Under God (OBNUG, for those who aren't already familiar). He spills all the "dirt" on how Coyle performed at BSU, talks scheduling and looks ahead to the Broncos' own impending AD hire too:

Did Boise State fans expect a (relatively) short stint from Mark Coyle, or was news of his departure incredibly surprising on Friday night (sorry about that, by the way)?

I was a bit surprised by Coyle's departure, but mainly because I had no inkling he was looking at other positions. Of course, ADs don't have their flights tracked whenever they leave town like football coaches do. I don't think many people thought that Coyle would be around even close to as long as BSU's previous AD, Gene Bleymeier. That said, I kind of thought Coyle might leave for a slightly higher-profile gig (no offense).

What would you consider Coyle's greatest accomplishment in his three-plus years in Boise?

He's had a pretty successful run over the last three plus years...he was able to finalize some home-and-home football series that he predecessor was never really able to (Florida State, Oklahoma State, etc), he finally was able to sell the stadium naming rights, he got the audio and visual upgrades pushed through for the football and basketball venues and maybe most importantly, weathered the Chris Petersen departure storm beautifully.

If there's one thing Syracuse fans need to know about Coyle (good or bad) before he starts in July, what is it?

This one is a toughie. Coyle is a really even-keeled guy and a lot less vocal than the previous AD. I don't think people got much of a read on his real personality during his tenure as he is a bit more behind-the-scenes with his management style. Scheduling and fundraising appear to be his strengths. Would definitely call him a "closer".

Obviously the Orange have struggled in football lately. Do you think Coyle can help us turn things around?

Another tough question. Boise State has remained remarkably consistent on the field for over a decade, so Coyle didn't really have to fix anything that was broken. He maintained the status quo quite well if that's laudable. He's been instrumental in getting the coaches what they wanted facilities-wise and tool-wise, so if Syracuse staff can identify areas where they think they can become more competitive, I'm sure Coyle will do his darnedest to make sure they have those resources.

Related: We're not going to schedule one another now, right? No offense. SU fans just prefer not losing games.

Coyle came to BSU from Kentucky and was able to get the Wildcats on the basketball schedule, so maybe there will be a hoops matchup in the future. I'd love to see an orange vs orange matchup on the court...and it would be a great test for a Bronco team on the rise—but still not on the same level as Syracuse (or the majority of the ACC for that matter).

Did you ever hear Mark Coyle utter the word BRAND while speaking with students and/or fans?

Brand is something that's been pushed a lot around Boise State. I don't think it started with Coyle (Bleymeier was the mastermind behind the blue football field), but he definitely waved that banner whenever he could.

Is there anyone on Boise's radar to replace Coyle right now? What are the key qualifications the school usually looks for in an AD?

Fans and boosters have thrown out a few names, but I have no idea if they are going to be serious considerations. Most fans want an internal hire, because they would understand the culture around here and won't upset the apple cart. Higher ups in the administration might want another outside hire (like Coyle was) because they won't rest on their laurels and might bring new ideas to the fore. Throw me in the "internal" hire camp, but if they land another outside up-and-comer like Coyle, it couldn't hurt.


Thanks for the time, Drew! For those interested in reading more about Boise or perhaps Coyle's time there, head on over to OBNUG.