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Five Takeaways From Mark Coyle's Press Conference

Mark Coyle was introduced as Syracuse University's new AD today. Here are five things we learned during the press conference.

Syracuse Athletics

Mark Coyle was introduced as the new Syracuse Orange athletic director today and will effectively be in place in two weeks. Coyle was very eloquent in his approach and began the presser by first introducing his family and displaying his gratitude for his time at Boise State. Here are five key takeaways from the newest AD:

5. He's #TeamBear

Say it with me, Sara-Cuse.

4. He's more like Mark Coyle

Coyle was asked which of his two predecessors at Syracuse he was more like, Darryl Gross or Jake Crouthamel. With wit, Coyle responded,

"Mark Coyle."

3. Football Scheduling

Surprisingly, Coyle addressed his approach to football scheduling, in which he emphasized that he wanted to schedule efficiently so that Syracuse would be in the best position to compete for an ACC title. That strategy could change each year based on what Syracuse has in talent. He noted that while he was at Boise State, they were able to get programs like Florida State to come compete at Albertsons Stadium.

2. Field Color

Following the football scheduling discussion, Coyle jocularly noted that the turf will stay green.

1. The Basketball Coach-in-Waiting

When asked about the men's basketball program and the coach-in-waiting scenario, Coyle concluded that he has put thought into it and will have more announcements to come. Today wasn't the right time to announce who will be Syracuse's eighth head basketball coach, but we can expect Coyle to address this concern in the near future.