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Is This What a Carrier Dome Center Court Could Look Like?

If so...WANT.


Yesterday we took a look at photos of the Carrier Dome ground level naked after having it's Field Turf stripped away. It all sounds so saucy. We wanted to know what kind of things Syracuse Orange fans would like to bury under there before the new turf was installed.

In the comments, g-roc shared a photoshop by S2 that caught our eye...

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Um...we should do this.

I mean, we're already playing this fun little game where we're all pretending we might still build a new stadium before we eventually all agree to renovate the Dome. We all know they're going to end up gussying up the Dome in the end...and what a gussy this would be.

Of course, to design the stadium this way, you'd have to tell Syracuse football they're playing their home games on Coyne Field from now on. Also, forget about 35K for SU basketball games, now we're looking at 50K.

And we haven't even gotten into the court design itself, which...yes.

It's a pipe dream, but, it's a helluva pipe dream.