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If UConn Can Just Make Up Rivalry Trophies, So Can We

Syracuse football needs more rivalry trophies and UConn just showed us that you don't even need a rival to make one.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One day, I'd like to think that Syracuse University and Boston College will recognize the Orange Eagle Trophy as a legitimate prize that both schools can share as part of their rivalry.

But until both schools agree to do so, I don't think it would be a wise idea to one of the schools to publicly announce that the trophy is legit without actually discussing it with the other school.

Or as it's known now, "pulling a UConn."

That got the TNIAAM staff thinking. We'd love to have more Syracuse Orange football rivalry trophies, too. But, you know, we should probably start rivalries first. In the meantime, however, we wondering how we might be able to kick start rivalries with some of our usual opponents and what we might call the trophy that we should be playing for...

Syracuse - North Carolina: The Emmert Cup

Syracuse - Wake Forest: The Golden Empty Bleacher

Syracuse - Missouri: The Paycheck

Syracuse - Wyoming: The Paycheck That We Don't Want To Talk About So Let's Not

Syracuse - Pitt: The Lee Long Leg (because a trophy named for each school's famous punter makes too much sense)

Syracuse - Rhode Island: The Silk Owens Bullet Award (because...)

Syracuse - Clemson: A Punch In The Face (not a trophy, actually literal)

Syracuse - Boston College: The Diamond Flute (you'll figure it out)

Syracuse - Virginia Tech: The Brominski Pole

Syracuse - Rutgers: The Bronze Market Share

Syracuse - UConn: Season tickets to the winning school's basketball season

Can you think of any others?