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Syracuse's Terrel Hunt: 'I Never Really Care What Everybody Outside Says'

Terrel Hunt has heard the skepticism from the media but he remains focused, believing in the process of hard work.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Terrel Hunt is aware of the media and its projections for Syracuse Football in 2015, yet the senior QB is blocking all of that out and remains optimistic. Syracuse lost a great deal on the defensive end from last year's team but the outlook remains positive.

Hunt and the rest of the team have used last year's failures as motivation during workouts this summer. Hunt Said:

"I never really care what everybody outside says. They don't really understand the work we put in; they just see the results. Sometimes those don't correlate."

And why should he care? Reading someone's projection for the Syracuse Football team in 2015 won't help him perform better on the field nor will it help win games.

Hunt has stayed the course and believes in the process of becoming a better football player through workouts and a new summer routine. He believes his team will be more effective with Tim Lester's new offense this fall -- a more simple and effective offense. He also believes that the coaches feel the same way that he does.

"Whether they stay here, get fired or we go to a bowl game, I don't think they're in panic mode whatsoever. When you start thinking about stuff like that, you get away from the real goal."

Syracuse won't be playing in Pasadena anytime soon. But the new offense as well as an improved and healthy Hunt should be an upgrade from a 3-9 season a year ago.