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Syracuse Football: Terrel Hunt Owns the Most Immaculate Car in Onondaga County

Terrel Hunt is sticking to a strict summer routine in effort to become a better QB. So what could possibly getting a car wash every week have to do with becoming a better pocket-passer?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Terrel Hunt is about to enter his final season as a Syracuse Orange this fall after an ill-fated junior campaign, falling victim to a fractured fibula. Motivated by the injury, Hunt has taken unique steps to in order to get an edge in competition.

Hunt has evolved into a creature of habit in the off-season. As reported by Stephen Bailey, Hunt has taken up swimming and yoga, all while implementing a new diet and learning how to cook. He even takes his car to get washed every Thursday.

When asked about taking his car to get washed every week, Hunt simply said it's about following a game plan. A game plan is just what Hunt has created. He's making sure to eat healthier foods like fish, chicken and green vegetables. And give credit where credit is due; eating healthy is Syracuse is not easy. It's probably most analogous to a gambling addict on his way to rehab who first has to walk through Caesar's Palace before cleaning up his act. The temptation is there -- you have to be disciplined.

On the field, Hunt leads his team through early morning workouts each day of the week before running in the evening. On Fridays, sessions start at 9 a.m. with on-field competitions following at 11. He's even taken up swimming and yoga lessons.

All of this is in effort to improve his body and to become a better QB. Hunt was quoted as saying, "If I want to be better at football, then I need to be better at things outside of football."

One thing is for sure, Terrel Hunt certainly has the cleanest car in the Syracuse area. Be sure to say hello to Hunt if you see him at the Classy Chassy or Delta Sonic on Thursdays.