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Syracuse Football: Orange Get 75-1 Odds to Win ACC Conference

Stop laughing.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If you weren't already feeling cautious about the upcoming season of Syracuse Orange Football, the recent weeks have seen a deluge of negative opinions and disturbing predictions that have surely tempered expectations. While 9-3 probably doesn't exactly feel reasonable, many Orange fans are still holding out hope for 6-6 and bowl eligibility.

If you are an insane person, however, and want to dream bigger than you ethically should, here's something for you. The Orange have odds when it comes to winning the ACC Championship. They're not good odds, but they're odds nonetheless.

According to CG Technology, the Orange get 75-1 odds to win the conference in 2015. That's second-worst overall only to Wake Forest (100-1). So at least there's that.

Florida State is your favorite (5-2), followed by Clemson (3-1), Georgia Tech (4-1), Louisville (8-1) and Virginia Tech (8-1). Syracuse's other division mates are lower on the totem pole, including Pittsburgh (15-1) and Boston College (30-1). Being in the same division as FSU, Clemson and Louisville will do that.

The sportsbook also lists Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and TCU as the favorites in the other P5 conferences.

So...who's gonna go to Vegas and lay down $10 on those odds?