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Jim Boeheim Made $2.14M During Final Four Year of 2013

Syracuse University's federal 990 form from 2013 is public. No big surprises here.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Syracuse University's federal 990 form from 2013 has made its way public and, shock of shocks, Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim was the school's highest-paid employee.

Boeheim received $2.14M in total compensation that year (up slightly from $2.13M the year prior), which includes a $301,431 base salary, $204,506 from his Big Orange Basketball Camp and $1.2M from IMG. That's how his compensation has been doled out for a long time and whether you take his base salary or his overall compensation, he's still a bargain compared to most coaches on his level. And even below his level.

In fact, Boeheim was the 23rd-highest paid coach that year according to public records. Cincinnati's Mick Cronin, Arkansas's Mike Anderson and Purdue's Matt Painter bilk their schools for more.

Next up on the school's highest-paid employees was, naturally, Scott Shafer. Shafer earned $1.3M in total compensation in his first year at the helm. The Orange went 7-6 and won the Texas Bowl that season, so, fair enough.

Following the two big coaches were then-Chancellor Nancy Cantor $(1M+), then-Athletic Director DOCTOR Daryl Gross ($848,662) and chief financial officer Lou Marcoccia ($743,071).

Syracuse WLAX coach Gary Gait received $716,409 in total compensation. I'll let you digest that for a moment. (NOTE: This is actually his 2012 salary, so it's unclear exactly what he made in 2013).

Boeheim also received a performance bonus of $210,000 (following a Final Four run) while Gross received one just shy of that at $203,333. See, all that Olympic sport success paid off...for DOC.