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There's Only Room For One ACC Punter Heisman Candidate & His Name is Riley Dixon

No, Wake Forest! Bad, Wake Forest!

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The other day, a post was written about an ACC punter and the launch of their 2015 Heisman Trophy campaign. You probably assume that that post was written by me and was all about Syracuse Orange punter/amazing human Riley Dixon.

Somehow, you would be wrong.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons blog Blogger So Dear made the dubious decision to write said post about something called Alexander Kinal. Kinal is apparently Wake's punter and apparently puts up some big numbers.

La di freakin' apparently da.

Here's the thing. Riley Dixon is a Heisman Trophy candidate. Has been for years. This is his year. And we sure as shit can't have you guys muddying the waters and stealing precious punter votes away from Riley when the time comes.

Sure, Kinal has some fancy stats for you nerds who like that stuff. He was second in the ACC in punting average and number of punts last season and he led the ACC in yards punted. It all sounds so amazing. But here's the thing. It's just numbers.

It's not heart.

It's not grit.

It's not tie up your bootstraps, pick your your lunch pail, get out there on your road grader mentality.

That's Riley Dixon and then some.

Riley might not have blown the door off the conference with personal stats last season (8th in punting average, third in total punts, fourth in yards punted) but that was by design. He's not some hot-doggin', free-wheelin', look-at-me type like Kinal. He's a team player through and through. Like Superman, Riley could have embarrassed his teammates with his spectacular play. Instead, he decided to put on some glasses so he could blend in, making everyone feel better about themselves.

You can't teach that.

There's no free kicks when it comes to Riley Dixon. Everything is earned.

Oh, question for many touchdowns did Kinal have last season? None? That's interesting. It's really interesting. Especially because Riley Dixon THREW A GAME-WINNING TOUCHDOWN PASS.

Oh and did I mention he led also scampered for a 42-yard run against mighty Notre Dame? If only SU had given him 25 touches, who knows what records could have fallen?

The point is, Alexander Kinal is a punter and a fine one at that. If that's what you want.

Riley Dixon is a punter. And a touchdown-maker. And a running back. And a force to be reckoned with. And a myth. And a legend. And everything that is good about humanity. And the basis for the Captain America character. And possibly the Buddha reincarnated.

You can have your ACC punting accolades, Wake Forest. Riley Dixon and Syracuse are about so much more than that. The Heisman Trophy is just the beginning.