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What Are 10 Things You'd Want to Bury Under the New Carrier Dome FieldTurf?

Time to put some demons to bed... at least for sanity's sake.

Syracuse Athletics Twitter

Syracuse is replacing the 10-year old FieldTurf it already had in place with a new version of the same artificial surface. That means tearing up the old stuff before laying down the new batch of FieldTurf -- something that revealed some interesting "relics" earlier this morning:

What's under the Carrier Dome's FieldTurf seen for the first time in 10 years.

A photo posted by Syracuse Orange (@cusepics) on

Pictured: Old Syracuse basketball court, as well as a track (which was used during the 1984 and 1985 National Championships).

So that's what WAS buried underneath. Which got us thinking... what from the last 10 years should join those things below the turf? Obviously these don't all have to be physical, tangible objects. They DO need to have happened in the last 10 years, however.

So to commemorate this new chapter of Dome history, we've included our list of the Top 10 Things WE'D like to bury this time around. Read below, and relive the moments you'd prefer to forget:

1. ANY recent Syracuse football or basketball offense

Things have been rough lately on the offensive side of the ball. Last year's football scoring had one of the lowest PPG averages to close the season of any P5 program in the last 10 years. There's also Syracuse basketball, that was 171st in the country in scoring in 2014-15. Needless to say, this could and should be buried, never to be seen again.

2. That ugly loss to Rutgers in 2011

You didn't know it at the time, but the 19-16 double-OT loss would end up defining a 5-7 Syracuse season. The Orange had every opportunity to win the game, but an unfortunate Antwon Bailey fumble ended up being a death knell in one of the uglier games most of us have submitted ourselves to. Make this one go away, please.

3. Mark Emmert

And not just for laying down the hammer on Syracuse sports via the over-the-top penalties against the Orange. I mean... read anything about him and you'll know why this is very, very necessary.

4. A copy of "The Little Engine That Could"

He still thinks he can...

GERG Little Engine

5. The Original Ernie Davis Statue

Acting as a stand-in for the numerous Syracuse athletics gaffes over the past decade, the #BRAND-ed Ernie Davis statue serves as a reminder of the copious mistakes we can hopefully leave behind us. The school won't let us forget, since there's always a new mistake around the corner. But we can dream.

6. The Oneida YMCA


7. Syracuse's drug-testing policy

Again, self-explanatory.

8. Fab Melo

Not like he's doing anything else anyway...

9. The Iowa game

You know the game. You remember the goal line spots. You want to forget the game. Burying the entire thing -- Brad Banks and all -- would be therapeutic to one Orange fan in particular (HELLO!), whose first game at the Dome was that horrifying experience.

10. The Bryant upset

It's one of several, but let's just allow it to serve as a reminder, since it's the most recent. Syracuse lacrosse is still among the best in the business, but there are no guarantees anymore for the Orange to win it all. Bryant, just like Army, should give us all the proof we need there. Now let's bury it.


What are the 10 things you'd bury? List them below.