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Filed under: Group Tailgating for This Fall's Road Football Games

Planning to travel to see the Orange this fall? Here's what you need to know.

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(The following post is from Syracuse tailgate chief TexanMark)

Once again, TexanMark is setting up discounts for road-tripping Syracuse Orange football fans. You not only get a substantial discount for most game tickets, but tailgates and in some cases group parking are being set up for your benefit. Wouldn't you rather sit with a 100 of your closest virtual, Internet friends instead of sitting next to some random, drunk opposing fan yelling insults all game long?

Ticket quantities are limited and payment will be through PayPal. He will accept checks with prior approval in special cases. Do not send PayPal monies yet as it goes to a different email account. Instructions will follow. Syracuse Alumni group reps are encouraged to contact TexanMark as he is working with SU with some joint efforts at the away games. Money will be collected in June and July.

Don't bother asking about kickoff times as they are at the mercy of the TV gods. You should expect to know 12-13 days out. Assume anywhere from 12:30 to 8pm kickoffs. The better 'Cuse is doing, the more likely for late afternoon or evening kickoffs.

To get in on the fun, send TexanMark an email to: TexanMarkTailgate at Gmail dot com. Send him your requests for tickets and parking passes via email. Please let him know which game and include your name (+Internet forum name), email address and cell phone number. Let TexanMark know if you have any folks with mobility issues or younger kids in your group. He likes to seat those groups on the aisle. Because we control a block of tickets we have to ability to adjust your seating and size of group within reason even after purchase. Gameday seating swaps occasionally happen with Mark using his master seating chart. Tickets will be mailed in the late summer except as noted (UVA and NC State).

Individual Game Info

1. at USF, Saturday, October 10 (Columbus Day Weekend): Tickets are $30 (this includes mailing and tailgate fee. We have a private parking lot set up about 2-3 blocks from the stadium. If you joined us in 2012 it is that same lot. Pre-Paid parking will be between $15-20 a car. I have approximately 70 folks signed up so far. We control all of Section 229. More info here. I recommend staying over by the St. Pete Beach/Treasure Island area. A Friday night pre-party is planned near St Pete Beach.

2. at Virginia, Saturday, October 17: This game is being run differently and requires you to buy tickets through UVA. Since we do not control the block of seating we might not be able to accommodate group changes. However, the good news is you're getting a prearranged substantial discount. Tickets are just $25 plus normal handling fees. Tailgate and Parking info will be TBD. Expect us to work with SU on this tailgate. A formal SU Tailgate will be offered and I expect an informal parking lot tailgate will also be offered. Purchase your tickets now, we are seating in Section 111. They have a Print at Home Option which worked nicely. Your secret code is at this link. Please send TexanMark an email with your name and how many are coming. He'll keep you informed via email of tailgate and parking info.

3. at Florida State, Saturday October 31: This tailgate will be our smallest one. I'm capping ticket sales at 50. We have 20 signed up so far. I need to know your numbers ASAP. I purchased 20 so far and have only about 7-10 days left to option up to 50 tickets. Ticket/Tailgate costs will be $30-35 depending on number of tickets sold. Parking is TBD but I have a couple options. Note: Motels are horribly expensive in Tally... you might consider staying outside of town.

4. at Louisville, Saturday, November 7: This tailgate is having great interest. I have about 65 signed up so far. I will cap it at 100. Parking is being worked right now. We have two options and both are good. Expect parking will run $10-20 per car. The tailgate is likely getting sponsored so it could be epic. Send me an email quickly with your numbers. I expect this one to sell out. I'll hold back 5-10 tickets to accommodate some group changes. Veterans Day is the following Tuesday so some of you could make this a 4-5 day weekend. We are in Section 202. Tickets through SU will cost $58 + handling. We are selling for $37 which includes a tailgate. More info here to include our group hotel. A Friday night pre-party is being planned.

5. at NC State, Saturday, November 21: Group rates are not available to us... but have no fear. The SU Ticket Office is building us a special link with blocked off seating (yes, because that is how we roll). However, expect we'll be up in the second deck near the goal line. I sat up there in 2013 and the seats are not horrible. Expect some sticker shock, as tickets will run about $65. The bad news is they are expensive and changing your group size after the fact might not be possible. If your group size is changing send me an email and I will send you to my inside ticket guy at SU. The good news is we have an awesome tailgate planned across the street from the stadium with SU. TexanMark will supply awesome parking info to help you park efficiently on game-day. The restaurant is owned by ex-CNY'ers so you know Hofmann's will be served. Keep checking this link for more info here. I hope to get the link set up next week with SU.


That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates either here or over on's tailgate threads.