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There Are 42 Bowl Games Now So Syracuse Really Needs to Sort Out Scheduling

The NCAA is practically begging schools like Syracuse to get to six wins every season.

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We've turned into a bit of a broken record when it comes to Syracuse Orange football future scheduling. There are tons of reasons why SU needs to get it's ass in gear and start locking up games against beatable opponents with interesting and valuable recruiting benefits.

Let's add one more into the mix.

The NCAA just certified threw new college football bowl games in Tuscon, Austin and Orlando, bringing the grand total to 42 games in 2015. There are eighty-four spots available for FBS schools to not only play in a bowl game but also get those coveted extra practices in December.

And they're not done yet. There's a game in Little Rock still looking for certification. The Pac-12 is exploring the possibility of a bowl in Australia. And we know that the ACC wants a piece of that sweet(?) International college football pie, an obvious conclusion of which could end up as a bowl game in the Caribbean or Cuba or South America or who the hell knows (also, what about the Sausage Bowl?).

The point is, there's a very clear message that the NCAA and the college football powers are putting out there: We want EVERYONE to play in a bowl game and if we could, that's what we'd do, cause we can't stop making money off of them.

Setting aside how good it is for the sport to add more match-ups between 6-6 teams, Syracuse cannot deny just how easily the table has been set for them to be one of those 84 schools. All you need to do is win six games and you're all set. You will 100% get that post-season game, that post-season awareness and those precious practices. It's a done deal. All you have to do is hold up your end of the bargain.

And THAT is why you don't schedule LSU. Not right now. Because when I look at the 2015 schedule and keep it real, I see five wins right now. There are no guarantees in life, let alone college football, but given what the NCAA is doing, you are doing yourself a disservice by not setting the table with six winnable games. At least when you're talking about the position SU is in right now.

Of course, we probably SHOULD be talking about the absurdity of the college bowl system (which, I was told, would fall apart and die if we started a playoff...). But, as Syracuse Football fans, we need to worry about ourselves right now. And college football is practically begging teams like us to make it to six wins so we can win-win this whole stupid system together. If we don't make it, we only have ourselves and our decisions to blame.