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Syracuse Lacrosse: "The Lost Trophy" Airing on ESPNU Saturday at 11 a.m.

ESPNU to air documentary on Saturday chronicling the 1990 SU Lacrosse team - which may have been the greatest ever - and the controversial NCAA ruling that vacated its National Championship.

Syracuse fans have to wait - as usual - for the final first round tournament game of the weekend, as the Orange take on the winner of Bryant or Marist at 7:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.

But the good news is, we now all have something to watch on Saturday to help bridge the gap. ESPNU will air a documentary Saturday at 11 a.m. titled "The Lost Trophy," which looks at the 1990 Syracuse lacrosse team -- a legendary group that went 13-0 and many believe to be the greatest team in the history of the sport, and also a team that had its National Championship vacated due to a questionable NCAA ruling.

We first learned of this documentary last year, but now we finally know a lot more about what to expect:

The 1990 team, arguably the greatest college lacrosse team ever, achieved an NCAA championship three-peat, They were led by Canadian box players, twins Paul and Gary Gait, and coached by the legendary Roy Simmons Jr. Together, along with a talented group of All Americans, they transformed the record books and the game of lacrosse forever. This is the story that celebrates a team that continues to inspire today’s players and explains why there is an *asterisk next to their vacated 1990 title.

Umm ... Ehrmagerd

Couple quick thoughts on that trailer:

  1. If you're a Syracuse lacrosse fan and you're not excited about this, you are no longer a living person. I'm pretty sure of that.
  2. Sometimes we overrate players from our past, and ignore the fact that athleticism improves every generation, meaning our childhood idols would not be able to play at the same level in today's sport. That is not the case here, as those highlights are just so insane on every level. It's no wonder this is considered the best team ever, and Gary Gait is considered the best player ever. They would all hold up today, without question.
  3. We used to get some really great lacrosse crowds
  4. Where IS the trophy?
  5. It really is amazing that we basically don't acknowledge the fact that this happened, and still proclaim 11 titles and hang the banner up. Just goes to show you the NCAA can't really do anything to take away wins/titles, because no one cares.

More info:

Air Date: Saturday, May 9, at 11 a.m. ET

Channel: ESPNU

Web Site:

We might do a live-chat that day. Not committing anyone to that just yet...