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Syracuse Fans, Let's Help Georgetown Design Their New Basketball Court

It's time to help those who cannot help themselves.

Dan Lyons

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Georgetown Hoyas need a new basketball court, likely because the old one reeks of stale towel sweat. Good luck getting 25 years of that out.

2. They've asked for submissions and the winning submission wins two season tickets. They didn't say anything about you having to be a Georgetown fan to win.

3. The Syracuse Orange play at Georgetown at some point this season. Don't you want us to feel comfortable? Filling the place with SU fans is one thing but it'd be nice to play on a decent court in the Verizon Center for once, you know?

4. Georgetown secretly loves Syracuse and it'd be nice to return the favor.

So far, they've received submissions like these...

gtown court

gtown court

As you can see, they need some help.

I'd like to think that we as Syracuse fans can put aside our differences with the Georgetown horde for the briefest of moments and help them find a court design that represents everything that is Georgetown University and Hoya basketball. So, go here and download the court design. Then, add the graphics that you think would make Georgetown's new court as great as it could be. We've provided some examples below but we'll look to you to take it to the next level...


poop court


(via Dan Lyons)