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NCAA Academic Progress Rate: 10 Syracuse Sports Score Four-Year APR Score at 990 or Above

Scores went up, whatever that may mean to you (or the NCAA).

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA released its Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores for the 2013-14 season today (so these have been compiled since last October), and Syracuse programs are... in decent shape , to those who are most concerned with these sort of things. We've said previously that these numbers are slightly bogus, and Jim Boeheim has too. But no matter. It's what we're dealing with. And what we're dealing with says that Orange sports are seeing increased returns "in the classroom."

For those who forgot how this works, sports much maintain an APR score above 930 for a four-year stretch or above 940 for a two-year stretch, in order to compete for a championship in 2015-16. Here's how all 19 SU sports performed, according to the metric (with ACC ranking in parentheses):

Women's Cross Country: 997 (4/15)

Men's Cross Country: 996 (4/15)

Women's Lacrosse: 995 (6/8)

Men's Track, Indoor: 994 (4/15)

Men's Track, Outdoor: 994 (4/15)

Women's Volleyball: 994(8/15)

Women's Soccer: 992 (6/14)

Women's Basketball: 991 (1/15)

Women's Track, Indoor: 990 (6/15)

Women's Track, Outdoor: 990 (6/15)

Women's Rowing: 989 (6/9)

Men's Lacrosse: 984 (4/5)

Women's Ice Hockey: 983 (4/5) *CHA

Women's Softball: 979 (9/11)

Women's Tennis: 976 (14/15)

Men's Basketball: 970 (9/15)

Football: 968 (7/14)

Women's Field Hockey: 965 (7/7)

Men's Soccer: 948 (12/12)


Again, these are the four-year figures. The recent one-year figures show that eight Orange sports recorded a perfect 1,000 score in the past year. These included men's and women's basketball, men's cross country, indoor & outdoor track and field, women's ice hockey, women's soccer and women's tennis. The men's basketball jump to 1,000 is of particular interest since the school is just a few years removed from a four-year average near the 930 cut line.

Some teams of note -- all with regard to the four-year numbers: Syracuse football (up three points) and men's basketball (up one point) find slight improvement in comparison to last year's metrics. Women's basketball's 991 is the same as last year, but they were tops in the ACC. Men's and women's lacrosse were up 10 and even, respectively.

Of the 19 sports evaluated, 10 topped a 990 score, which is definitely excellent, and should be celebrated. Nice job, Syracuse athletes. Though again: APR has its flaws, despite the fact we're doing better with it.