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A Very Syracuse Chevrolet Sonic Can Be All Yours For $15K

You will be The Most Syracuse Fan Ever if you buy this.

Hey, remember 2012? It was a magical time. Syracuse Basketball had just gone to the Elite Eight. The Syracuse Football team was en route to an 8-5 finish. Carly Rae Jepsen dominated the airwaves. And something called the SU Road Warriors was offering up the chance to design and own a brand-new Chevrolet Sonic smothered in Syracuse Orange goodness.

I took a stab at designing it but apparently I didn't add enough swooshes or platinum. Go figure. The winning design by Sadie St. Germain was (thankfully) a blue and orange paint job featuring Angry Otto. As recently as 2014, it was still making the rounds and showing up at SU games...

Sometime around April 2014, the car disappeared from social media and stopped showing up at SU events. It appeared to have been lost to the world. No longer would the open roads feel the touch of The Most Syracuse Car Ever. That is, until now.

The SU car seems to have made it's way to Lewisburg, PA where it's now the property of a Chevy dealer. They in turn are looking for the perfect new owner of the car. Probably gonna be a Syracuse fan. Just a hunch.

syracuse car

The 2012 Sonic currently has 5,314 miles on it (how do you not at least up that sucker to 5,344?). It's a manual, which counts me out. The price is $15,178, and, again, that is just screaming out for a listing price of $14,444. It certainly could be gaudier and it's a minor miracle that it isn't. Surely there's a Syracuse fan out there drooling over the chance to drive this over to nearby State College and troll Penn State students.

Any takers?